Kinitics to Speak at IGRC2024 International Gas Research Conference: Showcasing Cleantech Innovations in Natural Gas Industry

Kinitics to Speak at IGRC2024 International Gas Research Conference: Showcasing Cleantech Innovations in Natural Gas Industry

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA — May 8, 2024 — Kinitics Automation, a leading developer and manufacturer of motion control products based on Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials and Bundled Wire technology, is set to present at the prestigious IGRC2024 International Gas Research Conference. The talk will take place as part of the conference’s “Meet and Learn: Cleantech Showcase,” highlighting new and exciting environmentally sustainable advancements in the natural gas industry.

IGRC2024 serves as a platform for global innovators, academics, and research organizations to explore transformative insights and best practices within the natural gas and gaseous energy sector. With a heightened focus on clean technology and social innovation, the conference aims to spotlight initiatives driving sustainability and efficiency in gas infrastructure worldwide.

Dean Pick, President and CEO of Kinitics Automation, will deliver a compelling talk during the “Meet and Learn” session, showcasing the company’s revolutionary approach to addressing cleantech concerns in the natural gas industry. Kinitics Automation specializes in motion control solutions that utilize Shape Memory Alloy technology which revolutionizes valve actuators by not only offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability, but also completely eliminating the methane venting problem inherent to traditional pneumatic controllers and actuators.

Kinitics’ participation in IGRC2024 highlights their contribution to advancing cleantech innovations within the natural gas industry and contributing to a greener, more resilient energy landscape. The spotlight of the presentation will be on the KVA38 Valve Actuator, a cutting-edge spring-loaded electric valve actuator designed to eliminate methane emissions effectively. Leveraging state-of-the-art Shape Memory Alloy technology, the KVA38 combines smooth motion with spring return, making it an ideal alternative to methane venting pneumatic controllers and actuators. Notable features of the KVA38 include zero emissions compliance, reliable operation during power or signal loss, and cost-effective, low-maintenance performance.

Kinitics is proud to showcase the KVA38 Valve Actuator as a game-changer in methane emission reduction and regulatory compliance. By offering a solution that is both environmentally responsible and technologically advanced, Kinitics aims to empower natural gas facilities to enhance their operational efficiency while minimizing their carbon footprint.

IGRC2024 attendees are encouraged to join Kinitics Automation’s presentation during the “Meet and Learn: Cleantech showcase” to learn more about the transformative potential of the KVA38 Valve Actuator and Kinitics’ commitment to driving innovation in the natural gas industry.

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About Kinitics Automation:

Kinitics Automation is a Vancouver-based company specializing in motion control products powered by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials and proprietary Bundled Wire technology. With a focus on sustainability and performance, Kinitics’ innovative solutions offer unprecedented reliability, efficiency, and environmental benefits across various industries.