The Kinitics Valve Actuator (KVA) is an electric control valve actuator that uses Bundled Wire technology. Its innovative mechanics allow for constant motion to maintain precise control of gas and fluids in process control applications. The versatile KVA platform can be mated to a wide variety of globe valves for general purpose use.

Kinitics Valve Actuator Features

  • Motorless design provides smooth motion in throttling applications 
  • Deliver precise control in harsh environments
  • No UPS or additional equipment required to fail closed on loss of power or signal 
  • Compatible with 1” to 2” globe valves 

Full Electric

AC and DC power options available, 100% duty cycle standard. 

Spring Closure 

Seating force is provided by a compression spring for dependable mechanical closure 

Low Maintenance 

With no motors or bearings and only one moving part, the KVA is inherently reliable 

Potential Process Control Applications

  • Back Pressure Control
  • Gas Lifting 
  • Flow metering 
KVA Valve Actuator is available in long and short configurations for CleanTech gas emissions reduction

The KVA is well-suited for proportional control applications where precise adjustments are needed. Watch now for a demonstration of the KVA’s ability to make large and fine adjustments and return to a closed state once power is removed. 

Eliminating methane emissions from natural gas production

Vancouver-based entrepreneur, Dean Pick, is transforming the way emissions are managed at natural gas production sites with a zero-emission solution.

This image shows the Kinitics Automation Limited Valve Actuator on a D4 style body

KVA on D4 Body

The KVA mounted to a D4 valve is ideal for use on pressure and flow control applications where high-precision throttling is desired

This image shows the Kinitics Automation Limited Valve Actuator on a D style body

KVA on D Body

The KVA and D body valve combination is well suited for throlling control of liquids or gases which are gritty, sticky, or otherwise tend to jam up valve internals.