Kinitics Automation Launches KVA Actuator For The Energy Industry

New Product Reveal | The Kinitics Valve Actuator

Kinitics has launched the Kinitics Valve Actuator (KVA), an electric valve actuator designed to meet the needs of the energy industry.

Its innovative mechanics allow for constant motion to maintain precise control of gas and fluids in process control applications. The versatile KVA platform is designed to replace traditional pneumatic or electric actuators and can be mated to a wide variety of globe valves.

KVA Valve Actuator is available in long and short configurations for CleanTech gas emissions reduction
The versatile KVA platform can be mated to a wide variety of globe valves for general purpose use.

Potential Process Control Applications

This image shows the Kinitics Automation Limited Valve Actuator on a D4 style body

Back Pressure Control | For gas separators, tanks, and vessels.

Gas Lift | For artificial lift of process gas

Flow Metering | To control the flow rate of gas, liquid or steam flowing through a pipe.

This image shows the Kinitics Automation Limited Valve Actuator on a D style body

Designed to work with your globe style valves

“By eliminating motors and gearboxes from our actuators, we can deliver incredible reliability with all the benefits of electronic control.”~ Dean Pick

Built to handle frequent operation or the throttling of flow applications.

Our seating force is provided by a compression spring for dependable mechanical closure.

With no motors or bearings and only one moving part, the KVA is inherently reliable.

Kinitics’ launches new website for 2022

This year, we brought our online presence into the 21st century to provide future clients the opportunity to learn more about our products, regardless of which sector they were from.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center was created to allow engineering procurement or OEM specific companies to get “into” the metrics of what the Kinitics Automation Limited Valve Actuators, Linear Actuators & Piston Pump Actuators can achieve.

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