By eliminating motors and gearboxes from our actuators, we can deliver incredible reliability with all the benefits of electronic control.

Dean Pick
Kinitics Automation

Reliable Electronic Control

The Kinitics Valve Actuator (KVA) delivers unmatched positional control and reliability to general purpose process control operations.

How KVA competes in the current market

KVA vs Instrument Air

Lower power consumption 

Increased reliability with no need for compressors or pressurized lines 

Delivers more responsive control through high precision motion 

Standalone units don’t require bulky supporting infrastructure 

KVA vs Electric Motors 

Returns to a known position using familiar mechanical springs.  

Achieves continuous motion tracking with 100% duty cycle 

Direct linear motion 

KVA Valve Actuator is available in long and short configurations for CleanTech gas emissions reduction


Kinitics Valve Actuator eliminates harmful methane gas emissions with an all-electric alternative