UCalgary Tests Kinitics Valve Actuator Under Extremes

UCalgary Tests Kinitics Valve Actuator Under Extremes

Figure_3 positional accuracy test

Testing performed at the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre (ETC) Lab at the University of Calgary found the Kinitics Valve Actuator (KVA) to be highly precise and capable for processes typically seen in industry applications. Results from these tests show the KVA to be a viable, green alternative for replacing methane venting devices used in the oil and gas industry.

The KVA was shown to be extremely accurate and precise, capable of reaching target positions within 0.1% (19 µm) and with a dead band under 0.25%, all under extreme temperature conditions (-43 °C to +46 °C).

The results from the ETC lab test are featured in the March issue of ASM International SMST NewsWire, a publication that covers shape memory and superelastic technologies for biomedical, actuators, and emerging markets.

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