Kinitics Bundled Wire Technology

Kinitics Bundled Wire technology incorporates several SMA wires connected to a piston inside the actuator; as the wires shorten when electricity (and heat) is applied, the actuator rod moves.

The Kinitics Bundled Wire is a proprietary technology of assembling and connecting Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires into a dense array. Kinitics Bundled Wire technology not only gives the Kinitics actuators a high strength-to-size ratio but also retains a high wire surface area. This allows for forward stroke times below 200ms and sub-five second cycle times.

A simple power cycle consists of three phases:

  • Initial stroke phase: The Kinitics actuator uses electric power to move the piston closer to the fixed-end. The speed of the piston is dictated by the amount of power applied.
  • Hold phase: In this optional phase the piston can hold position for a set amount of time.
  • Return phase: The Kinitics actuator uses heat transfer and force biasing to return the piston to its home position. The speed of the piston is dictated by the rate of cooling and amount of biasing force.

Through the addition of feedback sensors and a controller a Kinitics actuator can produce complex force-displacement behaviour. Kinitics Linear Actuators are capable of fine position and force control while Kinitics Piston Pumps are capable of fine pressure, volumetric displacement, and discharge temperature control.