Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) commits over $500K to Kinitics Valve Actuator Project

Emissions Reduction Alberta has announced that Kinitics Automation has been approved to receive $552,000 to fund the “Kinitics Valve Actuator for Gas Producers” project. The project will demonstrate Kinitics’ shape memory alloy linear actuators as a direct replacement for pneumatic devices that vent methane gas at production well sites across Alberta.

Methane venting at Canadian natural gas producers’ well sites is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Pneumatic control devices that use natural gas to operate are a major contributor to this methane venting. According to a recent study, methane venting from pneumatic devices at well sites in Alberta alone is estimated at over 475,000 tonnes per year. By eliminating these methane-venting devices, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be realized.

Projects were selected through a competitive review process. Experts in science, engineering, business development, commercialization, financing, and greenhouse gas quantification reviewed 117 submissions and chose projects based on the strongest potential for success.

Steve MacDonald, CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta:
“Today’s announcement by the Government of Alberta supports investment attraction, job creation, and economic growth. Some projects will have an immediate impact by improving the performance of the natural gas sector’s existing operations.”

Dean Pick, President, Kinitics Automation:
“Working with our industry partners, Kinitics plans to demonstrate the company’s shape memory alloy-based electric actuators as a viable alternative to methane-venting pneumatic actuators at production well sites. ERA’s contribution will allow us to raise awareness of the technology in the industry, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and potentially eliminate these methane-venting devices entirely in Western Canada.”

More details about the announcement are available from the Emissions Reduction Alberta website.