Prototype KLA Linear Actuator Reaches Testing Milestone

On March 12 a prototype Kinitics KLA Linear Actuator reached a major milestone: the actuator has been in operation holding a constant position for exactly one year.

The “long duration hold” test involves a prototype Kinitics KLA Linear Actuator, a load cell, and a position sensor arranged inside of a test apparatus. A Kinitics KCA020 AC Controller is used as part of a simple position-feedback control loop while test telemetry is recorded using a data acquisition system. The system has been running since March 12, 2018 in a relatively uncontrolled environment, with only occasional downtimes due to power interruptions. This one-year test milestone confirms the reliability of the KLA Linear Actuator in long-term positioning applications.

This screen capture shows position (black) and force (green) for the prototype actuator over a two-second period, after one year of constant operation.