Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps using Shape Memory Alloy Technology

Electrically powered and highly accurate.

Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps use Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) and offer a number of features and benefits that distinguish them from other types of actuators and pumps.

Kinitics enables a new generation of automation and control.

Kinitics' products are used in a variety of industries including advanced manufacturing, aerospace, & process control.

Working to Eliminate Methane Emissions

Eliminating Emissions at the Source

With over one million devices operating at North America’s natural gas well sites, methane-venting pneumatic devices emit over fifty million tonnes of CO2e every year. Learn how Kinitics is working to eliminate those emissions at the source.

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Shape Memory Alloy Technology & How It Works on the KVA Actuator

The KVA from Kinitics Automation is a spring-loaded electric valve actuator that uses Bundled Wire technology to deliver high force and precise positioning.
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KVA Valve Actuator is available in long and short configurations for CleanTech gas emissions reduction

KVA Valve Actuator

Replaces methane venting pneumatic actuators
Its' innovative mechanics allows for constant motion to maintain a steady flow of gas out of the system for effective venting in process control applications.
KVA Valve Actuator
Kinitics Automation Limited KLA Linear Actuator for positioning applications

KLA Linear Actuator

High force-to-size ratio with forces up to 650N
The Kinitics Linear Actuator can be easily configured to supply a pushing or pulling force. Due to the inherent lack of moving parts the actuator requires very little maintenance and produces very little noise.
KLA Linear Actuator
Kinitics Automation Limited KPP Piston Pump Actuator for Flow and pressure control

KPP Piston Pumps

Rated pressures up to 100 Bar (1450 psi)
Displacement and flow control is possible through the addition of a linear sensor while pressure control is possible through the use of a pressure sensor.
KPP Piston Pumps

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